Centre of expertise for Intellectual Reformation, Research and Advice

Highly educated advisors and experts in the area of intercultural and islam-linked topics represent the core of our young expertise centre. The need for authentic, qualitative and scientific information implies that an expertise centre focused on these subjects is the perfect match for a successful, diverse society.  

CIRRA acts independently and vigorously in order to initiate sustainable change processes and to stimulate those processes within various communities. Our expertise and knowledge is suitable for various parties including local and national governments, health and welfare institutions, schools and companies….

CIRRA offers a wide range of services with the appropriate structures, affinities, substantive and contextual knowledge and experience. 

We do not avoid any challenge to discuss specific themes within complex environments.

CIRRA focuses on the following themes:

  • Identity, citizenship & diversity
  • Radicalism & alienation
  • Youth, education & pedagogy
  • Care & Well-being

CIRRA strives to contribute to the personal development of individuals and groups. We believe that personal development is a sustainable investment that unfolds within a more cohesive society. Our greatest assets include the Socratic conversation, research into various phenomena and drawing inspiration from the power and languages of people.

CIRRA - Khalid Ereteken
Khalid receives honorary distinction from Minister-President of Flanders Geert Bourgeois. He is also joined by the Flemish Minister of Education Hilde Crevits.
CIRRA - mensenrechten
Khalid receives the prize for human rights.
CIRRA - Brahim spreekt
Brahim speaks at the opening of Arteveldehogeschool.
CIRRA - asis
CIRRA speaks at the Asis event


Training & Coaching

We provide effective guidance to individuals and groups. Everything is obviously adapted to their personal development.

Policy & Advice

We offer full support to the client in formulating his or her strategic visions and policy. All this is applied into practice in a smooth and concrete way.


We carry out scientific research that meets the research requirements of the client. They provide answers based on our knowledge and contacts.

Networking & Connecting

We have exclusive access to specific networks that are not guaranteed by other organisations. We like to involve our clients in these networks.


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Lions en partners

Dear Brahim Bouzarif, thank you for your very interesting explanation. We are really grateful for the insight you provided and the explanation about "rational Islam". This helps a lot to make this specific theme easier to discuss and to share it further.
Thomas More - CIRRA

Lecture at the Thomas More Hogeschool Geel. "Islam in Europe: threat or enrichment".

Brahim brought a well-substantiated argument. His lecture consisted of two parts.
In a first historical part, Brahim framed the Qur'an in its creation period. He also paid attention to Islamic philosophers from the Middle Ages and to the division of large parts of the Middle East after World War One by the Sykes-Picot Treaty. In a second part he discussed the coexistence of Muslims and non-Muslims today
Mensenrechten - CIRRA

Hilde Crevits after Khalid received the Prize for Human Rights

Khalid is barely 29 years old and already one of the most influential and hopeful speakers. There are more than 300,000 Muslims in Flanders and Islam education has already come a long way in our country, but all too often there is a lack of understanding and knowledge about each other's culture. That is why inspiring bridge builders like Khalid are very important. He is a true Muslim democrat in these heavily polarising times.
CIRRA - Review Artevelde

Academic opening of Arteveldehogeschool

Hello Brahim,
I wanted to congratulate you once again on your "performance" yesterday. I was really impressed. I thought your story was very strong, very nuanced, convincing... Even afterwards, during the reception I only heard positive sounds from the audience.
Congratulations and thanks again for your willingness and preparations.

Fall meeting of #ASIS International Benelux Chapter

I think our society needs even more leading figures with such a unifying message, based on a balanced, responsible, sustainable and clear vision. Khalid, yesterday you were great once again!
Paul Robrechts
CIRRA - Review AgOdi

Agency for Educational Services

Khalid Benhaddou was our guest for a lecture: So, is this Islam? There were 40 participants. Only very enthusiastic reactions were heard: very good speaker, clear, entertaining, fascinating ... Clear answers to the questions from the audience. Good informal contacts before and after. Even the discussion afterwards with a limited group went very smoothly and constructively.
CIRRA - Review KA Geraardsbergen

Koninklijk Atheneum Geraardsbergen

Contact was smooth and I always received a very quick response to my e-mails. The content of the session (and the consultation/Q&A afterwards) was very well judged, both by the teachers and the students. Mr. Benhaddou brought a powerful and very meaningful story and afterwards there was plenty of room for questions and discussion.

CPS seminar at Vilvoorde

Khalid held a very inspiring lecture. We were all completely blown away. What you mentioned about connection is exactly what our society needs. In our 'Detentiecentrum Rotterdam' facility we have included people from all over the world. In addition, we employ a wonderful multicultural workforce in which Muslims are also well represented. Our Islamic colleagues are able to be themselves with us and are appreciated for who they are and for the good work they deliver every day. We talked for days about your lecture, we recognized a lot of it! Thank you for all the energy you brought to us!

"Rode Kruis", Menen & Roeselare

Ignorance is the founder of all negativism in our current world. The inspiration and energy to touch and create the consciousness of every individual is an art. Mr. With his argument Brahim Bouzarif has removed these doubts and presented us with a different view of life. Multiculturalism and diversity in our society must be seen as enrichment but not as a threat.

Every day we are confronted with all kinds of subjects that we do not immediately consider, or do not look for the underlying thoughts or the cause. What kind of approach does multiculturalism have for our current generation and what is the solution. Without answers, these questions are an illusion. Brahim's argument can offer a way out of tackling these problems, an enrichment of knowledge, a support to combat life without hatred and resentment.


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